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Infidelity testing - technologies and services

This is largely out-of-scope for this web site, because this web site is about child support, so needs children, not just an affair! However, it is a useful indication that the world is changing for ever, and the next generation will see things in a very different way. (Some readers may already have been "found out" and not know it!)


For some time, it has been possible to use a scientific infidelity testing service, at a considerable cost. One or two are identified in the links below. They work on the principle that after sex, both men and women leak semen into their clothes, especially their underwear, and this can be detected. The chemical detected is in the semen, not the sperm, so it is present even if the man has had a vasectomy.


In 1999, the technology took a major step "forward". One example was a product called "S-Check" which appeared in Japan. It tested semen on clothes. It was reported as being for use by women to test whether men had recently had sex, but judging by CheckMate, below, it would probably work the other way round too.

Another product also launched in 1999 was called "CheckMate" (tm). It became prominent in the UK towards the end of 2001. It is now on sale in several countries in the world, over the Internet and possibly in pharmacies too. It too is a home test kit for semen on clothing. It enables people to test whether their partners have had sex in the last few hours. If the person doing the test has not had sex with the partner - the implication is obvious! The test takes just a few minutes, is non-destructive, and leaves no traces. So the partner typically won't know that he or she is being tested, and typically won't know that he or she has been "found out". There are various offers, with various reductions for bulk purchases. Assume perhaps typically £20 or more for a single-test kit, reducing per-test for multiple test kits. There are options to have the kit delivered to addresses other than your own, and to have the credit card debited to a company that doesn't appear to be an infidelity-testing company.

At least one other product has been promoted - "Chective". However, I have been informed that it is no longer being sold for legal reasons.


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Seen on a CSA form:
" I am unsure as to the identity of the father of my baby, after all when you eat a can of beans you can't be sure which one made you fart"
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