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Many articles published on the web have a naive theme: "stop worrying about biological paternity - what matters is raising children". Many others have a contemptuous theme: "children need money to be raised - find the nearest man with a wallet". Here are some commentaries on several of those papers.
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Some papers on this website on the subject of paternity testing:
"The truth is out there" - Commentary on "Move to outlaw secret DNA testing by fathers"
"Knowledge is bliss" - Towards a society without paternity surprises
What is the crime if men seek confirmation that children are theirs?
"A matter of opinion" - Unofficial paternity tests and the impacts on children
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Some links to paternity testing services

These are service providers appearing to offer home testing kits to people in the UK. This list has been under occasional evolution from its creation in September 2002, via a significant revision in July 2003, with minor changes thereafter. Child Support Analysis has no commercial links with any of these companies.

Child Support Analysis does not provide a quality check for paternity testing services. You must make your own judgement. It is rather like asking the question "would I rely on this company to service my car?" Cheapest may not be best. Look for clues, for example:

  • Does the company concentrate on having the lowest price, or do they provide a range of options such as high quality and/or official options?
  • Does the company simply appear to be a "broker" using laboratories elsewhere, or do they have their own laboratory?
  • Is the company recognised by other organisations, or the media, etc? Do they appear to be an authority?

I have talked to Avi Lasarow, founder of DNA Bioscience, and I believe that he is concerned to raise confidence in paternity testing, while being fully aware of the emotional issues that can arise from it. If forced to choose a single service provider, that would be the one.

Multinational service Countries
DNA Solutions

Not all the links on that page work. Some that do:
Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada,France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA.

Australia USA
DNA Bio Services (
DNA-ID Labs (owned by Genetic Technologies) American Genetics Inc
  American Medical Services Corp
Canada Beta Paternity
Genetest Corporation Colorado Specimen Collection Inc
Genetrack Biolabs Easy Answers
Paragon Genetics DNA Paternity Testing - Allen G. Gelb
PRO-DNA Diagnostic DNA
  DNA Testing Centre, Inc | Home DNA Test
Germany DNA Testing Laboratories, Inc
bj-diagnostik GmbH DNA Testing Solutions, Inc
ID-Labor GmbH
IMGM Laboratories DNAVirtual
Labtest Empire Genetics Inc
papacheck gmbh Fairfax Identity Laboratories
Italy GeneTest Corporation
Testpaternita Genetic Assays, Inc
  Genetic Connections
Malta Genetic Discovery DNA Paternity Testing
Synergene Malta Genetic Identity
  Genetic Technologies, Inc
Netherlands Genetica DNA Laboratories, Inc
Verilabs europe GeneTree DNA Testing Center In-Home DNA Collection Kit
UK Health-Tech Specialist
4 DNA Testing IDENTIGENE, INC (Complement Genomics Limited) Identity Testing
DNA Bioscience Lab Express Inc
DNA Security, Inc Maxxam Analytics, Inc.
Genetic Discovery Paternity Testing, Inc Paternity Testing Corporation (PTC)
Genetic Profile Lab (GPL) PaternityChecks
International Biosciences Prophase Genetics
London Biosciences Quest Genetics
The DNA Clinic R-U-MY-KID
The Paternity Company Ltd SwabTest
WILTECH-bio Test Medical Symptoms@Home, Inc
  World-Wide Paternity
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