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The need for a lobby group

Why lobby groups?

Individuals have problems generating sufficient interest in their causes, however important or widespread those causes are. So like-minded individuals gather together to present a more united & impressive front, when confronting politicians in their lobby. They become lobby groups.

There needs to be an effective lobby group for the CSA. There are about 2 million adults and over 1.5 million children impacted by it, and these need a voice. The CSA is the most administratively incompetent government agency in living memory, and those affected by this carelessness need a credible voice.

There are good and bad ways to lobby. Here are a couple of articles: one longish, the other shortish.

NACSA (National Association for Child Support Action)

NACSA is the key lobby organisation focused on the CSA. (Many other organisations interact with the CSA, but their primary focus is elsewhere, for example "child poverty", "lone parents", "shared parenting"). NACSA exists because the CSA exists! NACSA does many things: provide immediate advice to "customers" of the CSA, provide on-going support for members, campaign, and lobby.

Yet, with the reformed system soon coming into operation, NACSA needs to rethink the way it lobbies. It cannot plausibly continue to rely on evidence of (undoubted) flaws in the current system, because by itself that is simply an endorsement of the need for a reformed system. The £10 disregard in Income Support under the reformed system will change the tolerance for the CSA. But the reformed system has its own flaws, and the CSA may remain administratively incompetent, so a lobby group to promote well considered further reforms is still needed.

The NACSA Committee is aware of this, and is refining NACSA's direction. Some changes were announced at the AGM on 7th October 2001, and while some will take effect over months, some are already visible. Here is a discussion of the reforms.

Other lobby groups

These are taken from the list of about 110 organisations that responded to the Child Support reform Green Paper:

CSA related

National Association for Child Support Action

NACSA (North Staffordshire & South Cheshire)

Responsible Adults Against the Child Support Act


Families Need Fathers

Families Need Fathers (T Berry Bromley)

Shared Parenting Information Group

Equal Parenting Council

The Association For Shared Parenting

UK Men's Movement



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