Child Support Analysis

Assessment calculators

People can't predict in advance what they will be paying under the current scheme, and can't easily check whether the CSA has done its sums right. The CSA states that 70.5% of assessments are correct. Who can be sure? And some of the rest are spectacularly wrong.

These assessment calculators are free. In each case (except my own) the link is to a web site or page which links to the calculator, not to the calculator itself.

"Advice and debate" will also provide access to sources of help.

59th Ferengi Rule of Acquisition: "Free advice is seldom cheap"

My own spreadsheets - new and old schemes

Simple version for the new scheme only.

This is a simple spreadsheet which takes a single input (net income) and shows all 60 possible different results at a glance, including shared-care cases. It is in Excel 5/95 format, and is 32 kilobytes. It also has an "income converter" to help with some simple sums, for example converting from "income per month" or "income per year" into "income per week".

Excel spreadsheet for new scheme calculations (Updated 12th March 2003).

Complex version for old and new schemes and for conversion from one to the other.

This started as an analysis tool for the reformed scheme. Then I added in the current scheme because of the variety of out-of-date assessment calculators around. These are linked so that inputting information once gives a readout for both current and reformed schemes. It has been supplied to NACSA for some time, and provided on their web site, on and off. (It needs improvements. Views are solicited).

Excel spreadsheet for old & new scheme calculations (Updated 12th May 2004).
On-line calculators

A purchasable calculator, for old and new schemes - Lisson Grove Benefits CSA calculator
An online new scheme calculator, for members - Families Need Fathers

Other ways of getting a calculation

For a free calculation, by a person not software, ring Durham Legal Services Free Child Support Maintenance Calculator on 0191 5211123.

CSA sources of information about both old & new formulae

Old Rules

New Rules

CSA of Northern Ireland:

  • Contact information - addresses, telephone numbers (hotline, etc), and email addresses.
  • Customer Help Line. Phone 9089 6896 if you are calling from Belfast, or 0845 713 9896 if you are calling from outside Belfast.
  • The Customer Help Line also has a text phone on Belfast 9089 6704, or 0845 713 9704 from outside Belfast
Calculators for other nations & states
See "The international scene". This covers all USA states plus Japan, with references to guides for Australia, New Zealand and Canada.
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