Child Support Analysis

The "new scheme"

("CSA reform" refers to the changes resulting from the 2000 Child Support, Pensions, and Social Security Act).
Overview of the reformed scheme
A summary of the reformed system is provided on this site. It is a multi-page article that gives an overview, and also appends detailed references for those who need them.
Here is a summary of the changes in the reformed scheme. (Really, they comprise a large set of tweaks. There is nothing fundamental).
This is an overview of the CSA reform programme.

Here is where to read about the reform programme. Here is an important academic paper on the topic:

by Susan Grace Jenkinson LL.M. (A Masters paper submitted to Staffordshire University).

The process of reforming the CSA legislation

Implications of the announcement of commencement

Quick history of the programme to reform the CSA.

The stages of the reform to the CSA legislation.

Here is the timetable for the CSA reforms recorded against the sections of the 2000 Act.
(About a quarter or more of the 2000 Act have already come into operation - it isn't just about the new formula).

The reformed scheme (2000 Act)

The section names of the 2000 Child Support, Pensions, and Social Security Act, commencement dates, plus an Internet link to the Act itself

Internet links to the Statutory Instruments which extend and commence the 2000 Act

Internet links to the Northern Ireland Statutory Rules which extend and commence the 2000 Act

Internet links to the Scottish Statutory Instruments which extend the 2000 Act

Links to the Green Paper, the White Paper, debates, discussions, Social Security Select Committee reports and evidence, etc

Will the child support system be OK if the reforms do work?

There are many careless features in the reformed scheme, see "Comments of the reforms". There will continue to be problems and newspaper headlines.

But far more significant than that, the reformed scheme is still based on policies and assumptions of the the 20th Century.
See The 21st Century is making the reformed scheme obsolete.

It is time to think what should happen next.
That is done in Child Support Agenda for the 21st Century

The CSA's Computer Systems

Here are pages about the CSA's computer systems and their problems. The first page introduces the topic and links to all the others.

The CSA and its computer systems - summary
Parliament and the current computer system
Parliament and the new computer system
News articles about the current computer system
News articles about the new computer system
EDS - Electronic Data Systems

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