Letter from Neale Sheldon, Staffordshire Anti-CSA Group

30th August 2001


I found it quite amusing that you had used the alias John Ward for so long, without having your identity revealed. A few of us at the old North Staffs NACSA Group were in fact fellow workmates with you and had traced your works email address, "unofficially" of course.

Your new web site seems to have touched a few raw nerves recently. However, after reading your material several times, I do believe that you have put together a fairly balanced resource, that will hopefully be used by people trying to make sense of the CSA.

The big question is, if you don't like the CSA, what is the alternative?

It may be useful to create a section on your web site where anti-csa groups, parents groups, etc, can specifically tell us what their organisation's policy is.

One thought did spring to mind the other night regarding parents trying to understand the CSA, its theories, workings etc. A group of us were talking about an "Idiots Guide to the CSA" not dissimilar to the computer guides, and your web site came up trumps.

People have got choices. Some people are however afraid to make drastic changes to their lives.

People need to be encouraged to take charge of their lives, in particular if the CSA are involved. If they don't like it, they have a choice, they either pay what they are told or they challenge the system by debate or by altering their circumstances.

The main thing I try to get across to people is to encourage them to do what is best in their own particular family circumstance. Unfortunately, I rather doubt the CSA will look at a case on its individual merits, so people have got to do what is best for themselves. Unless thousands of parents effectively call for change, by reasoned lobbying or by downright anti activities, there are always going to be CSA problems.

At the end of the day, I may say, I'm all right Jack, but I feel sorry for the poor sods that can't "control" their CSA case/life.

Good luck with your website.

Neale Sheldon

(Staffordshire Anti-CSA Group, ex-NACSA