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Links to special interest groups worldwide

This is a non-UK version of a UK-oriented links page. It cannot hope to be comprehensive, but instead will tend to identify sources that Child Support Analysis has had contact with.

Special Interest Groups about father's rights and/or shared parenting
"Organisations of fathers" in the world This is a useful list of links to such father's organisations. "Founded in 1990, SOS PAPA, with its 6000 members is the largest and most influential association of fathers in France". The website itself is mainly in French, and is about "Divorce, séparation, famille : Association SOS PAPA pour la défense des droits des enfants et des pères."
Special Interest Groups about supporting lone parents and/or children
Special Interest Groups campaigning more generally for men's rights
Masculinist Evolution New Zealand - NZ Child Support Information News from the New Zealand men's movement. Information, resources and support for men, fathers and families in NZ.
" Promoting clearer understanding of men's experience". (Webslave: John Potter).
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