A Fair Shared-Care Formula for Child Support
by Barry Pearson
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Commentary in 2002


Baroness Hollis, the Minister for Child Support, rejected this proposal. See:
Response by Baroness Hollis, the Minister for Child Support
My commentary on Baroness Hollis' response

2. I believe the basic proposal is still valid. In the light of comments received, I believe modifications to the way the formula reduces as care is shared may be justified, but the idea of a symmetrical formula still appears right.

In "2.4 Flaws in the formula for exactly equal sharing of care", in response to the White Paper statement "In the few cases where care is shared equally, there are clearly questions about who is the parent with care and who is the non-resident parent", I responded "No, there cannot be such a question! The very terms with care and non-resident by definition relate to the period of stay with a parent, and here this is equal".

This was before I realised that in the legislation the terms "parent with care" and "non-resident parent" are financial services terms for "payee" and "payer", not English terms describing the degree of sharing of care. There is a further discussion of this here: Glossary of Terms

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