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How to contribute

Email the contribution to stating unambiguously the type of contribution and any special conditions (attributions, time limits, etc).

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Who can contribute?

Anyone can try. Those who provide Analysis, Explanation, Information or Opinion with a plausible match to the style guidelines (below) are likely to succeed.

As publisher & editor, my decision is final.

How to contribute Email the contribution to
State the type of contribution and any special conditions (attributions, time limits, etc).
Examples of contributions

Here are some examples of letters.

Here are examples of a heavier-weight papers.

Naming and blaming

Criticism on this web site should be criticism of ideas, not criticism of people. Threats to people are unacceptable here.

But where people choose to link their names to ideas, typical of academics and politicians, their names will be visible while the ideas are being criticised. This is simply normal practice in academic and political life. So Baroness Hollis's name appears a lot, simply because she has been so publicly involved with the reforms.

Within an organisation (such as the CSA) criticism should only be attached to "... any individual who could be shown to have had some influence on, or responsibility for, the circumstances in which a management failure falling far below what could reasonably be expected was a cause ...". (This is a quote from Reforming the law on involuntary manslaughter: the Government's proposals, Home Office May 2000, but it appears to be a good principle for attaching criticism for lesser failings than manslaughter). It is unlikely that anyone other than those on the board of an organisation would be named on this web site.

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