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Religion has distorted child support and matters related to child support for thousands of years. (There was a famous case involving disputed paternity and a potentially absent father about 2000 years ago). It continues to do so!

The Christian Catholic Church
Claimed reply to a CSA form:
"I have never had sex with a man. I am awaiting a letter from Pope confirming that my son's conception was immaculate and that he is Christ risen again".
Priests and sex and abuse and child support.

2005-08-02: "Catholic order pledges more child support for cleric's 12-year-old"

2006-01-17: "Another US mother sues for child support from a priest!"

Condoms and the consequences - the predicted deaths of millions of people in Africa from AIDS.

2003-11-10: "Catholic Church and bizarre statements about contraception"

2003-12-02: "Rebel priests tell Catholics - take the pill"

2004-01-14: "Some sense from a senior Catholic on condoms"

2005-07-03: "Live 8, condoms, and the Catholic Church"

2006-04-22: "Some sense from a Cardinal about condoms and AIDS"

Religions with a Catholic basis tend to omit " ... thou shalt not make unto thee a graven image". Therefore they state that "thou shalt not commit adultery" is the 6th Commandment. The 10 Commandments

Islam and the policies of Muslims

From Shazia Mirza, Britain's only female muslim stand-up comedian:
"'Is it true that [Muslim] women have to walk steps behind their husband, is that true?' I say 'Yes, they look better from behind'".
Child support.

Clues about child maintenance in some Muslim cultures

2005-11-10: ""Sisters in Islam" wants a CSA in Malaysia"

Paternity testing, and the antipathy of Islam towards modern science and technology.

Paternity testing and Islam
Islam is incompatible with the sorts of human rights described by the United Nations' "Universal Declaration of Human Rights", and the Council of Europe's "European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms", and the United Kingdom's "Human Rights Act 1998", (and many others).

Universal Islamic Declaration of Human Rights

Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam

"Islamophobia" ought to mean "an irrational fear of Islam". In fact, there is little doubt that the purpose is often censorship of unwanted criticism of Islam, by branding the critic as suffering from Islamophobia.

Islamophobia and its mirror
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