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Barry Pearson
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Barry Pearson

Self-portrait of Barry PearsonI am a childfree retired business analyst and photographer.

I don't have a personal motive for attacking or defending the CSA or government policy.

I have no connection with the CSA - I simply knew quite a lot about it.

This gave me the luxury of being able to take a longer term, strategic, view. The topic is cluttered up with dogma & knee-jerk reactions. It is time to step back and re-think "what the heck is child support all about, and what should we be doing about it?"


Qualifications and associations

My approach is to take an independent, analytical, engineering-oriented approach to the topic of child support. I have useful qualifications for this:

My degree is in Mathematical Physics. I am a Fellow of the British Computer Society, a Chartered Engineer, and registered with FEANI as a European Engineer. I am also a Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society.

Eur Ing Barry Pearson BSc(Hons) FBCS CITP CEng LRPS

Information sources

This web site

This is to clarify where the information used in this web site comes from.

Although I worked for a company which may have had confidential information about the subjects of this web site, none of it is used here. Nor is any commercially sensitive information belonging to that company used here. All the information I use here is in the public domain, and indeed the public sources of the information are specifically identified, both in a "References" section on most pages, and in separate pages of links, books, papers, etc.

John Ward

I've been posted to newsgroups (USENET) in a private capacity since early 1998. I used the pseudonym John Ward then to avoid any linkage between what I was saying and the company I worked for. As above, all information I used then was in the public domain, and I specifically referenced the public sources of the information. (Often to the amusement or irritation of readers).

Now that I'm self-employed I can use my own name. In fact I am doing!

A woman approached me and commented on the leather jacket I was wearing, saying, "You know, a cow was murdered for that jacket!"
I got an insane look in my eyes, crazily looked around, and replied, "I didn't know there were any witnesses!"

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