Child Support Analysis

Agenda for the 21st Century

The pages identified here are the basis of the design of the system that should replace the "2000 Act" system.

Discussion of some of these ideas has taken place in the newsgroup and the NACSA "Reform" forum.

Link to the Agenda for the 21st Century

A summary of the UK Agenda, and an overview of each proposal, is in:

Child Support Agenda for the 21st Century

Other relevant topics

These are pages which support or supplement the UK Agenda:

Exclusions from the Agenda for the 21st Century
A method of judging proposals
International Agenda for the 21st Century

Specific proposals in the Agenda for the 21st Century

These pages are summarised in the Child Support Agenda for the 21st Century page, and are referenced here for convenience:

Parents should have equal status by default
Partners should know about paternity
All children should have been accepted children
Eliminate sex discrimination from child support
There should be no Treasury saving or state compulsion
Child support should be formally awarded to the children
Use a formula to determine the amount
Have closer ties between child support administration and family courts
Use a symmetrical formula that treats both parents similarly
Household benefits/credits should not be treated as income
Amounts should relate to spend on children, not wealth

Challenging questions

The following articles ask important questions:

Challenging questions and
Expansions to challenging questions.

Parliamentary oversight

The Social Security Select Committee was the oversight committee for this topic. It has spent a lot of time on the subject.

It has still got a lot wrong - here is my analysis: SSSC report & government response.

The Work and Pensions Select Committee has taken over this responsibility.

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