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2nd May

"Old & new" spreadsheet updated with latest benefit rates

The comprehensive spreadsheet that estimates assessments under the old-rules, while simultaneously giving a calculation under the new-rules, plus phasing-in estimates, has been updated with the new benefits rates.

This is the "old & new" Excel spreadsheet

17th May

Parent With Care wins right to sue the CSA

This is from the Telegraph today. A judge declared that the agency could be sued for damages under human rights laws if it delayed or unreasonably failed to take enforcement action against an absent parent who was refusing to pay child maintenance. The PWC failed in her major aim, which was to establish the right of divorced or separated parents caring for children to enforce maintenance payments directly against the other parent.

Because of the importance of the case the judge gave the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions permission to challenge his ruling in the Court of Appeal. If the appeal fails the PWC will be free to sue the CSA for damages.

Telegraph, Joshua Rozenberg, "Mother wins the right to sue CSA"

17th May

Downloadable forms on the CSA web site

Forms to apply for a child support case can be downloaded from the CSA web site. They include a form for Non-Resident Parents to use. Given the unconfirmed report that the ability of an NRP to apply for a CSA case wasn't included in the requirements for the new computer system (see weblog for 30th April), it would be interesting to know whether the CSA will in fact accept this form.

Child Support Agency downloadable forms

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